Fanatics View Draft Profile – Deshaun Watson (QB – Clemson)

April 27, 2017 7:00 AM
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Deshaun Watson is a remarkable team leader and true winner. A true dual-threat QB. He possesses solid pocket posture with good pocket mobility. Has the ability to remain poised and calm under pressure when the pocket begins to collapse. Has the awareness to avoid sacks by knowing when to take off for a run or fire the ball of his back foot. He has a proven history of coming up clutch in big games and big moments. Throws with anticipation, touch and solid velocity when working with tight throwing windows. Has a tight spiral and though at times his arm strength is questionable. He has a great ability to pick up yardage on ground in called running plays. Knows how to avoid contact when running downfield and knows how to absorb a sack with pressure.

Words by Matt Kassabian

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