LeBron James notches triple-double in three quarters

November 28, 2017 7:27 AM
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If you ever forget that LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet, rest assured, he’ll be there to remind you. The Cleveland Cavaliers are suffering from a multitude of injuries and personal issues, but the way The King has the Cavs up and running, you wouldn’t know that.

Heading into the game with a six-game winning streak, Cleveland had appeared to shake off the early season rust and reestablish themselves as surefire Eastern Conference finalists. But as we know, the NBA is full of the best basketball talent in the world and things don’t always go according to plan.

The Charlotte Hornets are no title contenders, but they’re certainly nothing to laugh at, and on Friday night, the Cavs found that out the hard way. While they were expected to run away with the game fairly early, that was far from the case once the action began.

Although the Cavaliers came away with the victory, the Hornets made them work for the win from end to end on the way to a tight 100-99 finish. With stars on both end, the matchup was entertaining through and through, but as usual, it was LeBron James who made the difference.

Managing only six points in the first half, LeBron made a switch in shoes from yellow to black at halftime, and apparently it made just the trick he needed to rewrite the narrative of his game. Following the sneaker swap, James finished with a triple double in three quarters as he piled in 27 points, 16 rebounds and 13 dimes.

Shoes weren’t the only wardrobe switch the Cavs made on this night, they also debuted one of Nike’s many new alternative uniforms as they suited up in the sleek black threads for the first time on an NBA court.

Last time Cleveland wore black jerseys, James tore off the sleeves in frustration and played out the remainder of the game in a torn jersey. Nike must’ve taken some notes and gotten the memo as they skipped the sleeved look with their fresh line of alternative uniforms.

As you could probably tell, they were King approved. If the new design unleashes LeBron’s full potential, let’s just hope that the Cavs dawn the midnight-black and wine-red jerseys a few more this season.

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