Pirates Fan Fails to Catch Foul Ball in His Beer

June 21, 2018 6:18 AM
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Pittsburgh fan tries to recreate famous foul ball beer chug, sadly for him there was one miscalculation.

A few weeks ago, a Padres fan went viral for a similar play in the stands. She planned ahead and bought a beer cup with no top for proper baseball catching potential. The foul ball landed snugly in her cup and she proceeded to enjoy the rest of the beverage to cheers from the crowd. Our Pirates fan undoubtedly has seen this and was poised catch his fame.

Our man in Pittsburgh saw the ball fly off the bat and knew this was his chance for beer glory. He did, however make some fatal flaws. First, according to the Brewers announcing crew, he deiced to waste his beer. Obviously, beer and the Milwaukee Brewers have a special bond in the baseball world. His second was his container of choice. I don’t want to get to technical but most beer cans do not have baseball shaped openings. So when the ball would have entered the top, it instead exploded.

You can almost see the twinkle in this fans eyes as the ball falls from the summer night toward his potential fame. As he and his friends are being sprayed with the local lager, the twinkle quickly turns to disappointment. He tries to play it cool but not only did he lose his beer, the foul ball was nowhere to be found.

The Brewers managed to fend of the Pirates for their league leading 43rd win of the season. Most importantly however, the Milwaukee Brewers dugout is treated with a golden shower which is sure to start a winning streak. Although one coach may have gotten most of the spray, he will trade a beer for a win any day.

The Brewers and Pirates play again on Wednesday night so tune in for the potential riveting part two of the beer saga of 2018!

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