Worst Call by an Umpire in Baseball History during Game in Mexico

July 23, 2018 4:32 PM
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Worst call in baseball history may have happened in Mexico on Friday.

During a game in the Mexican League between Mexico and Laguna, the worst call you will ever see occurred. On the second pitch of the game, the batter swings at an up and in fastball. Or so we thought. The rules in baseball regarding a swing can be confusing. However, in this case, if you look closely, you can see he without a doubt swings the bat all the way around his body.

Of course, not every umpire is going to see every little thing. That is why umpires are encouraged to ask for help. It looks like the catcher immediately said something to the home plate umpire after no strike call. The crew chief obliged and asked the first base umpire. To the shock and dismay to the entire baseball world, he signaled no swing.

Not unexpectedly, the Diablos coach came out to argue. He seemed to be more confused than angry due to the ludicrous call. How could all the umpires miss something like that? For heaven’s sake, it was the second pitch of the game! That is when the crew should have been sharpest.

According to the Mexican League officials, this was unacceptable. Both officials who failed to make the right call found themselves suspended for the rest of the season. The call was never overturned as play resumed to the dismay of everyone in attendance. League officials have warned the other umpires in the game for their hand in the historically bad call.

Maybe the best part of the video is the TV crew trying to figure out what the umpires may have seen. Their confused tones indicate that they are trying to give the umps the benefit of the doubt. While this day in infamy may not last forever, we can all agree that Mexico beating Germany in the World Cup was epic!

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