Video Released: Tyler Ulis Fight in Elevator

July 14, 2018 2:41 PM
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Former Phoenix Suns guard Tyler Ulis fight video in elevator released by TMZ.

TMZ Sports released a video of Tyler Ulis getting in a scuffle with a group of men in a elevator in Temple, Arizona on a Friday in May of 2017.

The video shows Ulis standing in the door way of the elevator so that it would not shut. A group of men trying to use the elevator confronted the Phoenix Suns guard at the time and a scuffle ensued.

According to TMZ, Ulis was holding the door for his friends and a fight occurred because the group of men did not want to wait; the NBA guard was not willing to move. After the fight spilled into the hallway, Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker can be seen getting into the elevator with two other men.

“A short time later, Ulis’ friends — including Suns superstar Booker — took the elevator to the scene of the fight and found the men who attacked Ulis,” TMZ wrote. “Another fight broke out, Ulis threw punches.”

After Ulis gets his revenge, the fight travels to the lobby and the group of men are ran out of the apartment building; Booker is not seen throwing anything punches. The Suns waived Ulis before free agency and Booker was “upset” about the move.

Booker recently signed a five-year, $158 million extension with to remain with Phoenix.

Video Courtesy: TMZ Sports

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