Fanatics View Exclusive Interview with Ben Shamoon (Mayweather Promotions)

June 18, 2015 6:40 AM
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The Fanatics View’s very own Jonathan Gayle had the chance to sit down with Floyd Mayweather’s new protege Ben Shamoon in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two discussed meeting Floyd Mayweather, being apart of Mayweather Promotions/TMT, Floyd’s advice to him, Olympic boxing, Canada and more.


Ben Shamoon
Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
Mayweather Promotions
January 24, 1990

I first met Ben about 6 years ago. A boxer training to represent Canada in the Olympics. From then it was easy to see the passion he had for the sport and that he was going places. A humble kid, that would stop at nothing to become great.

Little did I know what would come later. Ben had parlayed his success of winning a silver medal at the Common Wealth games to a spot on the highly coveted Money Team – Mayweather promotions, learning from the best pound -for -pound boxer in the world. Of course it wasn’t all easy, a shoulder injury tested his patience, but as a winner he rose above the challenge in his path.

A blessing he calls having Floyd as a mentor, destiny may be another word for it. Whatever you want to call it there is no denying it is pretty damn cool.

I had a chance to meet up with the 25 year old Canadian boxer, fight weekend- Cinco de Mayo in Las Vegas. Went for my birthday weekend with some great buddies and the interview came about very quickly but we still decided to put a little something together for the Fanatics View.

I hope you all tune in and follow Ben’s path as he officially turns pro and reps for the country north of the border, from his new home in Las Vegas. He is on a good team and I believe Ben aka Young Canada is just getting started.

Words by Jonathan Gayle

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