Tyson Fury calls Deontay Wilder ‘the greatest puncher in boxing history.’

February 20, 2020 2:14 AM
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Tyson Fury is well aware of the weapon Deontay Wilder possesses with his right hand.

Tyson Fury escaped a fate that seemed to follow every opponent who stepped in the ring with Deontay Wilder. With 41 knockouts to his name, Wilder (42-0-1, 41KOs) is arguably one of the best punchers; if not the best in boxing history.

Although Fury (29-0-1, 20KOs) did receive a taste of the WBC heavyweight champion’s power, as he went down twice on the canvas when they first met in December 2018. “The Gypsy King” survived the knockdowns none the less in a controversial draw.

“Even if I hate this guy, I’ve gotta respect that,” said Fury, during a press conference in Los Angeles for the anticipated rematch. “That is awesome. I’ve never met anybody before who knocked out everybody they fought. That’s absolutely amazing.”

A friendly verbal exchange between the rivals then followed.

“Including you.” Wilder told Fury.

“Including me, you didn’t knock me out though; almost did you?” replied Fury, as they both chuckled. “Nearly, not quite there. That’s why we’re having a rematch.”

The two undefeated heavyweights will meet again on February 22nd at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas, where they have ‘unfinished business’ to settle. Wilder will look to seal the deal by securing the knockout victory this time, while Fury will look to avoid going down the same route as every previous opponent before him.

Though the lineal champion is aware of the threat his opponent brings into the ring.

“Numbers don’t tell lies,” said Fury. “And this man’s knockout ratio alone says he’s the greatest puncher in boxing history, in the heavyweight division.”










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