Tim Anderson on Bringing Swag Back to Baseball, MLB The Show, Yeezy’s & Baseball Idols

July 8, 2019 4:34 AM
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Fanatics View spoke with White Sox shortstop, Tim Anderson.

Anderson spoke on video game MLB The Show, which has become more realistic as the years progress.

“Its dope man”. Anderson told Fanatics View. “It looks like me, the way i play the game, and the bat flips make it real dope. The kids play it; they want to be like us, so why not put it in there.”

In addition, Anderson discussed his playing style, and the swagger he brings out the field.

“I think it’s important, man”, he said. “You play in a failing game, so i think it’s good to enjoy the moments you succeed. You gotta have that about you when you play baseball – you fail half the time. That’s how I carry myself, I’m the only one who can stop myself”, he finished.

Finishing the interview, Anderson spoke on his MLB idols growing up.

“Smith (Ozzie), Ken Griffey, Ricky Henderson, those are my guys. They played the game with a lot of swag, and being comfortable out there. That’s how I try to play my game – just be comfortable and do me and enjoy every moment of it. I enjoy my moments, and have fun with it”, he finished.

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