Monty Williams on the Phoenix Suns without DeAndre Ayton and their new practice facility

November 15, 2019 12:00 AM
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Monty Williams on new practice facility: “Free agents look at it. It’s a bit of a lighthouse for your organization”

Phoenix Suns head coach Monty Williams has been impressed with how his big men have played during DeAndre Ayton’s absence, especially Aron Baynes.

“Aron’s been a stud all year.”

Baynes was traded to Phoenix from Boston during the 2019 NBA Draft after spending the majority of his career as a role payer. Now, he’s emerging as a star and has helped this young core to a 6-4 start on the year without Ayton. Williams is also impressed with Baynes’ ability to call the shots on defense while the Suns play with a smaller lineup, which at times can be difficult for them.

“It just depends if Aron’s in there,” when asked how much he likes the look of his defense while playing small. “You know, when Aron’s in the game with that group, it’s ok. If we don’t have Aron in there, we have to really get locked in on switches. Because the one thing that happens on a switch, if you’re not aware of that and you go to help, and you’re on the backside, you give up threes. If you’re on the switch on the ball, and you’re on the backside and you recognize that, everybody can stay locked up with their man. Aron usually calls that stuff out. He’s like a middle linebacker.”

Frank Kaminsky and Dario Saric have also stepped up for the Suns. Both are averaging 10 points and six rebounds per contest.

“Frank’s playing defense better than any time I’ve seen in his career.”

Williams also spoke about the team’s new practice facility that’s set to be built by August 2020 and is a huge fan of it already.

“Twelve minutes away from my house. It’s really nice.”

The facility will most likely cost upwards of $50 Million and will be a part of the renovation deal for the entire arena. It will include golf simulators, private parking for the players, an indoor/outdoor weight room, and turf fields.

“The practice site when he (Suns owner Robert Sarver) first showed me the plans, I was blown away,” says Williams.

When asked how the new facility would be a major benefit to the Suns’ organization, Williams says “Free agents look at it. It’s a bit of a lighthouse for your organization. Guys want to know what kind of practice site you have.”

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