James Johnson on Luka Donic Growing as a Leader & “Humbling” Losses Helping Mavs

March 8, 2021 7:51 AM
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Watch as James Johnson speaks to media following Mavs win over Miami.

Johnson spoke on Luka Doncic’s growing leadership on the Mavericks team.

“Emerging, he’s definitely emerging as one of our leaders, if not the leader of our team. He’s still building, still learning how to let his game do the speaking and then yet still being able to voice his own opinions in practice and what not. Becoming a leader’s not something you can just do 2 or 3 years in the league, it has nothing to do with your scoring or defensive ability if that mattered. You guys got guys like Ud Haslem that’s over there on the other side that’s the captain and leader of that team and doesn’t play.”

In addition, Johnson spoke on the Mavs previous losing streak.

“All the games are tough, they’re so quick. I think we went through our tough stretch in first 3 games honestly. Really sure we was at, really humbled us. We’re locked, we’re ready to get to work and you know the guys are always excited to come in.”

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