Jimbo Fisher Details Texas A&M’s Win Over Florida

October 19, 2020 12:00 AM
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Texas A&M grabbed a big SEC win against #4 Florida on Saturday. With a field goal at the end of regulation to make it 41-38 for the Aggies, coach Jimbo Fisher was able to celebrate happily after a hard-fought contest between conference rivals.

As imagined, Fisher started off the media session with plenty to say and much to detail revolving around – well, everything game related and even going into the upcoming matchup.

“After evaluating the film from the Florida game – very proud of our team. First and foremost, and I think the biggest thing of all, was just how we competed in the football game. Relentlessly – whether things were good, whether they were bad, you were in a good place, you were in a bad place, guys just kept playing the next play. [They] didn’t pay attention to the scoreboard. [They] tried to win their space and if they didn’t they went right back at it they next play. And, we were able to make enough plays to do the things we had to do. It’s a very good Florida team, very well coached, very good football team.”

In total, Fisher opened up with a very informative 3 minute personal view of what he gathered from the film of Saturdays victory, as well as a preview of his knowledge on the Aggies upcoming opponent, Mississippi State.

“Now we got to go get ready to play a very good Mississippi State team on the road which is always tough in this league. They start out defensively – they’re number 2 in the league in defense – 285 yards a game. They then limited Kentucky to 157. Arkansas had 275. LSU had 425. I believe they’re leading the league in sacks – they’re right there at the top of it. Multiple sacks, multiple blitz packages, multiple looks – 3 down, 4 down, coming at different directions – multiplicity in the backend – very good on defense. Offensively, broke an SEC record the first week. Almost 700 yards passing – or 650 against a good LSU team. They can throw it all over the yard – multiple people can catch the ball.”

After the introduction to the session, coach Fisher fielded questions from media persons in the range of inuries and promising performers/performances, and even a comment paying homage to recently deceased rocker Eddie Van Halen.

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