Marcellus Wiley talks about his Clippers Fandom, Clippers vs. Lakers & Gary Payton’s Challenge to Patrick Beverley

November 14, 2019 12:00 AM
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Marcellus Wiley on LA Clippers: “I just want the Clippers to get their turn in terms of greatness. Championships.”

Marcellus Wiley sat down with Fanatics View for part 7 of this exclusive special and talks about what led him to become a Clippers fan.

“My Dad though was a Clippers fan growing up,” says Wiley.

“My Dad was feeding me Clippers all those years, while I was just thinking I’m indifferent. So finally, when I retire from football, I’m chilling and now I’m doing sports commentating and I started going to basketball games more frequently. And then I love the story of the Clippers. They’re the underdogs. That’s who I was.”

“I want the Lakers to be as great as they can be too,” adds Wiley. “I just want the Clippers to get their turn in terms of greatness. Championships.”

When asked who was the better team, Wiley responded: “Yeah, they’re better” in regards to the Clippers.

Wiley was also asked about his thoughts on Hall of Famer Gary Payton’s challenge to Clippers guard Patrick Beverley to become the second point guard ever to win the Defensive Player of the Year award.

“If there’s one person I know that’s fully motivated that needs no challenge but will accept it, it’s Patrick Beverley. Remember that first game against Lonzo Ball? That wasn’t fair.”

Check out the video special above!

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