Tom Brady Conveys Growing Relationships In Tampa, Player Injuries & Dependability

October 19, 2020 12:00 AM
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Tom Brady has been one of the most talked about players in the NFL since his first season in the league 20 years ago.

Since then, he has been with only one organization up until this past off-season when he signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since the change of scenery, he has immediately started to develop glowing relationships with the entire team, including coaching staff and other non-players. One would expect that any quarterback coming to a new team would have the same intentions of bonding with the people he would be surrounding himself with for the season to come. But, I think we could all believe that Tom Brady is not just “any quarterback”.

Question: What is it like to be seen as a normal guy, instead of the Tom Brady some of your teammates grew up watching, and how do you work past the “awe factor”?

Brady: “Well, I’ve always felt like that, you know – when you’re in a locker-room like that for as long as I’ve been in, it doesn’t feel like I’ve ever left the locker-room. So, what you have with this sport is you have your memories, and you have relationships. And that’s what it comes down to for me. And, to have the opportunity to come here and develop relationships with  a different set of people – and that’s happened, obviously, in my time – in my twenty year career, but to come down to Tampa – to join a team and be embraced the way I’ve been embraced. Its just been amazing for me. I just enjoy every minute of it  I take that responsibility – being a quarterback, being a leader, being a captain, I take those very – not lightly. I want to show up and be the best for my teammates everyday. And I know they count on me to be dependable, consistent – they depend on me to be a great player for the team, and I want to deliver for them, and it’s really been a privilege for me to be here.”

Tom Brady’s wisdom has shown through his ability to inspire his teammates to work towards the endzone during games, and towards the win at the end of them. This media session offered much proof to that fact of his leadership skills through his wisdom and encouragement, and the capability of bonding with his supporting cast that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.



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