Dave Roberts Reacts to Trevor Bauer Allegations, Reveals Bauer Will Pitch While MLB Investigates

July 3, 2021 6:36 AM
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Watch as Dave Roberts speaks to media following Trevor Bauer domestic violence allegations.

Tuesday the 29th, Bauer was hit with a domestic violence restraining order by a 27 year old woman, claiming to have been assaulted. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts gave some statements following the report.

“Our plan is he is going to start on Sunday”, Roberts told media.

“It’s out of our hands”, Roberts said on continuing investigation into Bauer. “Regardless of what direction the organization wanted to do, this is something that has to happen.”

Roberts was reluctant to say much about Bauer and club-house opinions following the accusations.

“All I do know is that we’re preparing for a game tonight. We’re talking about trying to beat the Nationals tonight. I haven’t talked to players about anything outside of trying to beat these guys tonight.”

In addition, Roberts commented on following MLB’s preceding recommendations during the investigation.

“Their recommendation was for us to use our scheduled Sunday starter, and to move forward and have him start that game.”

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