Mike Minor talks Almost Being Traded to the New York Yankees & Now Shutting Them Out in the Bronx

September 17, 2019 5:59 AM
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Rangers pitcher Mike Minor spoke to Fanatics View following dominant outing against the Yankees.

Minor led the Rangers to victory, ending the Yankees incredible stretch of 220 games without being shut-out.

“Me and Trevino mixed it up pretty well. I felt like when they thought we would stay on one side of the plate, we went to the other side. We really didn’t get into any patterns I thought – we kind of just attacked them.”

Minor was questioned on the big win against the Yankees, and what it means for the Rangers going forward.

“I feel like we know where we are right now”, he said. “If we are going to be good next year, or many years from now, we have to go through those teams, and play them well. We have to play those teams next year if we are going to go to the playoffs. The message has been brought to our attention, and our guys are playing hard”, he finished.

In addition, Minor spoke on his mindset after almost being traded to the Yanks back in July.

“That whole month was intense”, he told Fanatics View. “It was the first time going through that, and answering questions from all these guys. As much as i wanted to put it out of my mind, It was there everyday. It was a little bit difficult to get through that and to pitch. Once the deadline passed by, I knew I was going to be here, and it feels good to be here. It felt good to be wanted, but at the end of the day nothing happened and I’m here”, he finished.

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