Draymond Green on Bucks Winning Finals, France Trash Talk & Devin Booker/Bucks Players Honoring Commitment

July 25, 2021 7:59 PM
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Green on France National Team: “One thing we can never ignore is their experience”

Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green sat down with reporters ahead of Team USA’s matchup against France to start off the Tokyo Olympics. When asked about the potential challenges they may face against the French national team, Green alluded to their experience.

“Only thing we can never ignore is their experience, begins Green. We can definitely overcome it because we can win. But their experience in playing together. A lot of these teams have been playing together for five or ten years. Their consistency or the continuity they have in their offense or the familiarity that they have amongst each other, that’s the one thing we can never substitute for. In saying that, we always feel we are the best in the world. We like to go out and try and prove that.”

“We’re looking forward to that matchup,” he concluded.

Green also spoke on his thoughts about Jrue Holiday and PJ Tucker winning this year’s NBA title.

“I think it’s special to see those guys win an NBA championship. It’s a feeling like no other. To see those guys experience that, you have an appreciation for it.”

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