Kristaps Porzingis Responds to Luka Doncic Chemistry Concerns: “At The End We All Want to Win”

April 11, 2021 5:04 AM
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Watch as Kristaps Porzingis reacts to Mavs 101-116 win over Milwaukee Bucks.

Kristaps’ 4th quarter rhythm helped to secure the victory for Dallas.

“It felt good to just come in right away, hit that pump fake three. After you hit one that like you feel good, you feel in good rhythm. Got a couple more, and that was it. Made a good run and we were able to seal the game.”

In addition, Porzingis spoke on the “flow” that him and Luka must create to win games.

“When it’s in the flow like tonight, then it’s simple. The ball comes to me and we just play. There are some situations whether it’s Luka or myself, they don’t back off at all, or they switch right away.”

Porzingis also reminisced on being chanted “MVP” in New York as a rookie.

“That’s a special year and everything is new, and playing in New York obviously, was special. It was when we had the away game in Charlotte, and I hit a game-winning shot but it was like .1 too late.” “The week after that we played them again, and we played them at home and it was one of my best games in that stretch as a rookie. I remember the end of the game I had New York fans chanting ‘MVP’ at the free-throw line.”

Finally, Kristaps responded to Luka Doncic chemistry concerns from fans.

“We’re trying to play together and help eachother. In the end we all want to win here, and that’s it. We have to keep playing, and keep playing together, and keep playing well and help eachother.”

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