Lavar Ball talks LeBron James, Michael Jordan, LiAngelo Ball, JBA & More

July 12, 2018 8:17 PM
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Big Baller Brand (BBB) CEO and founder LaVar Ball sits down with Fanatics View and DJ ASAP.

LaVar Ball, the creator of the Junior Basketball Association (JBA), says he created the JBA because he wanted to give athletes a different “avenue” to make the NBA. The traditional route is usually high school, college and then the NBA.

The founder of BBB stress that athletes in high school and college are forced to sit through academic settings that do not aid them in their ability to make the league.

“Like I say, you don’t tell doctors and lawyers that they have to bench press 250 and run a mile in the mile in six minutes,” Ball said when asked why he created the JBA. “Yet, you tell the athlete, who’s athletic, yo, you have to pass this chemistry test and this Spanish test and it ain’t got nothing to do with your athletics.”

This is the first season of the JBA; LaVar’s youngest son LaMelo Ball plays in the JBA for the Los Angeles Ballers as a guard. Lavar pulled his 16-year-old son from Chino Hills high school and after a short stint in Lithuania, he ball for his Dad now.

The CEO of BBB added that he is not only helping them develop and polish their basketball skills, but also paying them money for playing. He pays each player $3,000 a month and 60 percent of all their individual jersey sales, which is something the NCAA does not do.

Near the end of the interview, LaVar reminded us of why we love hearing us him speak. When asked who wins one-on-one, Michael Jordan or LaVar, he replied with his infamous “Neva lost!” LaVar went as far as to say “he’s too weak” when talking about Los Angeles Laker forward LeBron James one-on-one.

“Back in my heyday can’t nobody hold me, 270 benching 500,” LaVar said.

Video: Fanatics View

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