Seth Curry says Dallas Mavericks “Made a Bad Business Decision” for Trading Him to Philadelphia

March 8, 2021 7:56 AM
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Seth Curry spoke to media following blowout over Dallas Mavericks.

Seth spoke on his strong defensive peformance against Dallas.

“It felt good”, he said. “Injury allowed me to get a couple days off which is huge these days and gotta get my legs back under me. I always feel like i play good defense, and can’t really have no weak links out there if you want to be a good defense. Everybody has to pull their weight. We’re getting better, 1 through 15, or however many, we’re getting better on the defensive end.”

In addition, Seth spoke on playing his former team in the Mavericks.

“Nah never nothing personal. I got a lot of respect for a lot of guys over there. I just think they made a bad business decision. But, it happens all the time. It is what it is, it’s another night to go out and get another win and play well as a team. That’s the ultimate goal to get a win. The main thing was it was good to see a lot of my guys over there at the other end of the floor. Just catch up, and then we play a game”, he finished.

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