Rachel Nichols says Luka Doncic Was Surprised at the Leap He’s Made in 2019

February 1, 2020 2:22 AM
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Rachel Nichols on the better dunker between Zach Lavine and Vince Carter: “I’m gonna go old school Vince. Someone’s gotta dethrone the king to be the king”

ESPN television host and sports journalist Rachel Nichols spoke with Fanatics View’s Landon Buford in an exclusive interview and covered numerous topics, such as who is the better dunker between Zach Lavine and Vince Carter.

“I mean, I gotta go old school Vince. Someone’s gotta dethrone the king to be the king, right?” Nichols began. “So I think Zach has got some time ahead of him before he gets to Vince Carter level. Vince is still doing it at 40-plus, doing windmill 360’s. So, we’ll see if Zach’s doing that later in his career.”

Nichols also touched on Dallas Mavericks’ sensation Luka Doncic’s quick rise to stardom in just two years.

“I mean, it’s just obviously phenomenal. And it’s funny, I was just speaking with him. We did an interview with him. He said even he was surprised at sort of the leap that he’s been able to make.”

“But, one thing he noted is that this past summer was the first summer he could really put in a substantive amount of work,” Nichols continued. “If you think about the summer before, played in the NBA Euro-League championships, right? Came over, got drafted, it was all a whirlwind. Went back to Slovenia. Came back over here. Didn’t have as much time, certainly with Mavericks staff, or just, in general, to work on his game. Here, once the NBA season was over, he was really able to just really focus and spend that time working on basketball. We’re all seeing the results. Pretty good.”

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