Lil Scrappy talks Deontay Wilder, LeBron James, 2Pac, Falcons & More (Sports & Hip Hop – EP1)

May 1, 2018 6:12 AM
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Fanatics View caught up with Atlanta rapper Lil’ Scrappy for the inaugural episode of FV’s “Sports & Hip Hop” Web Series in Austin, Texas for SXSW.

Talking Points:
– Lil Scrappy explains his new sound/changes/where is at now
– What do you think of the state of game? How has Social Media changed the rap game?
– Sports culture in Georgia growing up
– Who would Lil Scrappy play for in the NFL?
– Getting over the Falcons Super Bowl loss
– Who is “must see TV” for you in sports?
– Lil’ Scrappy being a boxer as a kid
– Do you think Boxing is going take a dip without Floyd Mayweather?
– Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua
– Bringing out Deontay Wilder to “Head Bussa”, coming soon?
– “No Problems” video
– What is your favorite 2Pac album? And your Top 5 albums of all time?
– How did OutKast impact you and Atlanta growing up?
– Shares some 2Pac stories through the Outlawz

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