Marsellos Wilder says Deontay Wilder will knock out Tyson Fury in Rematch

September 3, 2019 6:44 AM
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Marsellos Wilder is confident Deontay will erase doubt in a rematch with Tyson Fury.

Marsellos Wilder wasn’t on the same page as the judges when Deontay took on Tyson Fury last December. In a battle where Fury went down twice, the contest resulted in a draw. To Wilder, his older brother Deontay should have been awarded with the victory.

There was something in Fury’s approach that just didn’t convince him that he had done enough.

“It was a couple of rounds, I’d say about four or five rounds that only thing Tyson Fury did was play defense,” said Wilder. “I mean you can’t really score points off just playing defense with no offense. You gotta give a round to somebody. And you have to give it to the aggressor.”

Although Deontay nearly put Fury out cold in the twelfth round, he had a hard time finding him for most of the fight. It was clear he was looking to land the big punch as he swung wildly. Fury made it more difficult by using his slick body movement and footwork to slip past Deontay’s onslaught.

“The Bronze Bomber” is set to take on Luis Ortiz in a rematch in November, while “The Gypsy King” will face Otto Wallin on Sept. 14. The pair of undefeated heavyweights look to come out victorious to set up another showdown between them in early 2020.

When time calls for the rematch, Wilder has no doubt that Deontay will get the knockout against Fury this time.

“Tyson Fury, you know; he’s a big agile guy,” said Wilder. “I felt like my brother was not patient enough. And being in the ring with Deontay twice is one of the most dangerous things that you can do, cause he’s gonna figure you out. And most definitely he’s gonna fix his wrongs. I definitely got my brother by KO.”





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