Hector Valdez talks Being Trained by Robert Garcia, Representing Dallas & Moving to 14-0 in Boxing

April 1, 2021 3:52 AM
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Dallas boxer Hector Valdez spoke to Fanatics View following unanimous decision win over Alberto Torres.

Valdez spoke on representing Dallas Texas in his win at Dickies Arena.

“I love it”, Valdez said. “Dallas Texas [is] my hometown, I love Dallas. I’ve always said this, Dallas is the best state in the world, best city in the world. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”

In addition, Valdez was asked if he was content with his performance in the fight.

“No”, Valdez voiced. “Like I said, I’d give myself a C on this performance. I feel like I killed myself mostly because I wanted to execute more of what we worked on at the gym, and I couldn’t do it. So, hats off to my opponent, he did a good job of surviving, staying away and doing his thing. These are the types of fights that I need to become a world champion”, he finished.

Finishing the interview, Valdez praised Robert Garcia on contributing to Valdez’s 13-0 boxing run.

“Man he knows a lot. It opens up my mind to a lot of things because they’re little things that I don’t see and my coaches don’t see, that he can see right off. At first, it sounds silly when he tells you to do these things, but it works. I love that he’s in my corner. It also encourages me to keep going, go harder. Man, it’s a great experience”, he finished.

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