Drew Pearson talks about Dak Prescott, NFL Draft in Philadelphia, Dallas Cowboys’ Super Bowl Chances and the Hall of Fame

November 4, 2019 3:08 PM
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Cowboys legend Drew Pearson on Dak Prescott: “I see development in Dak”

Dallas Cowboys legendary WR Drew Pearson is all in favor of QB Dak Prescott.

“I see development in Dak. Everybody wants to get rid of Dak. Well, let him go. Let him go to New York or somewhere and let him fester as a starting quarterback in the National Football League after we groomed him for three or four years. He’s what we want. as the current quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys and the future quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys because he does it right.”

Pearson goes more into detail about the Cowboys’ Super Bowl chances, as well as him still being snubbed by the Hall of Fame.

“That legacy window for you to enjoy that recognition is shrinking. But you still want it because now you pass that legacy on to your kids, your grandkids, their kids, their grandkids and that lasts forever.”

On how his career started with Dallas:

“Pittsburgh offered more money. Green Bay was too cold for this brother to be going up there to try to catch passes. So it wasn’t close. The proximity to Tulsa to where Dallas was in Texas was the way to go.”

That’s where the legend of Pearson began. It wasn’t about the money or potential fame, but more about removing a huge chip off his shoulder after going undrafted.

“It didn’t put a chip,” says Pearson. “It put a cinderblock on my shoulder.” Pearson signed with the Cowboys as an undrafted free agent in 1973. Having played college football three hours north at Tulsa University, Pearson knew where he was going and what to expect from the Cowboys.

“I was interested in them. I watched them every Sunday on TV. Knew all their guys. Knew all the coaches and knew what they represented under Tom Landry.”

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