Ricardo Lockette talks Career Ending Injury, Living Out of His Car, Marshawn Lynch & Player Safety

February 18, 2019 3:05 AM
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Former NFL wide receiver Ricardo Lockette says the injury changed his life.

Ricardo Lockette, former NFL wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks, was playing the sport he loved and the sport that changed his life. All on one punt return, Lockette played his last NFL down against the Dallas Cowboys.

The former wide out retired at the very young age of 29. He explained that he knew in a way that this was going to happen.

“When I signed up for football, I kinda knew what I was signing up for,” said the former Seattle Seahawk. In a way, he was saying that it is the nature of the beast.

After this gruesome hit occurred, Lockette’s body laid lifeless on the football field. The collusion cased damage to his neck and ligaments. The injury was so ghastly that if anyone had grabbed him or touched he could have died on the field.

“If one of my teammates would have come over and pulled my arm, I would have died,” he said. “Just barely. If the returner at the time would have broke a couple tackles and they would have moved and fell on me, I would have died on that field.”

He said that the injury changed his perspective on life and gave him a new appreciation for the more important things in life. No longer was he caught up in money, cars and jewelry but in his family and those he loves.

The former wide out wants to use his position to empower those who has suffered the same or similar type injuries, but were not as fortunate as him. NFL players have suffered injuries have left them unable to complete simple tasks, such as opening a jar or reaching into a cabinet. Lockette has taken actual steps to make this happen and has had some major help along the way.

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