Ke’Shawn Vaughn Discusses Scoring His First Career NFL Touchdown & Tom Brady Having 20 Years On Him

October 8, 2020 5:12 AM
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One can only imagine the beautiful experience that is scoring an NFL touchdown.

One can also only imagine getting that first touchdown as a pass from Tom Brady after being lined up right beside him in the backfield. And as great an accomplishment as they are for any player, the touchdowns scored by Vaughn and the Buccaneers managed to add another victory to their record bringing them to 3-1 on the season.

The media had lots to ask Ke’Shawn Vaughn after his performance against the Los Angeles Chargers. The opening question brought forth an explanation from the running back explaining his emotion and thought process before the snap.

“It was kind of just being ready at all times. Expecting the ball every play. I know that certain route, they like them ran full speed, so getting out making sure I can stretch out the defense. And then, like I said, expecting the ball at all times. Then I knew I had to get in the endzone. It wasn’t no going out on the 1 [yard line]. It was get the touchdown.”

When asked about catching the pass from Tom Brady, Vaughn responded admiringly.

“I’ll just say it’s a great feeling. Like, Tom Brady is just somebody I watched growing up. What [is] he 43, I’m 23, he got 20 years on me.” He continued. “I was able to watch him growing up. Then, it’s Tom Brady – 6 rings, he’s done been to the highest level multiple times. And then, having him throw me my first touchdown. It just gets no better than that. I got that advantage.”

A common question for many players in past months has been how their preparations for the NFL season has been affected by the pandemic.  Add on the fact that they are a rookie with a late start on training camp and it makes for quite an uphill battle. When asked about his own experiences, Vaughn said both his mental grasp and physical adaptation were most affected.

“I’d say it was kind of mental. Especially the little self-quarantine thing – that isolation for 10 days. Guys just making sure that I was staying in the playbook. They were sending me over installs to keep me involved in the offense, and learning my plays and everything, so when I got back, I knew everything – as far as plays and all that. It’s just – catching up my body was the hardest thing.”

Vaughn was able to speak more about the Tom Brady energy, learning from veteran offensive players, and taking advantage of “his shot” as a player. Check out the video for more!

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