Jimbo Fisher Evaluates Texas A&M Pros and Cons, Talks Florida & Alabama Efforts

October 8, 2020 5:42 AM
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Texas A&M head coach Jimbo Fisher had much precision in his responses to questions during his weekly media session.

Some of those pertaining to how the Aggies did while facing two very good teams (Florida and Alabama) and what to take from those games when moving ahead. He opened the segment with a detailed pros and cons view of the Alabama game.

“After evaluating the film from the Alabama game – disappointed. Of course, obviously in the outcome, but disappointed in some things in-which we did. Both sides had some opportunities in the game to maintain and stay in the game. Had to match some scores early. Moved the ball well on offense. In the first half, we had a missed field goal and a dropped ball that – we could’ve scored four times in the first half and kept that game really, to [a] one possession game, or probably –  or maybe a two with an eleven point game – with the possibilities, and we need to do that [because] we moved the ball well in the second half.”

The next questions shifted focus to the upcoming game against Florida and their exciting downfield threat, tight end Kyle Pitts. With big task ahead of him, Fisher was asked about his thoughts surrounding the success of Pitts and what to expect from the Gators.

“You know – he’s so unique. And, he’s a tight end but he’s a wideout, because he can block and do it, because he has such vertical skills and makes so many contested catches. If you really watch the film it’s not only him getting open, which he get’s open, but when he’s covered, he’s still not covered.” Fisher added Kyle Trask to the equation. “And [Kyle] Trask does a really good job, I think one of the best of the quarterbacks, throwing to covered guys and throwing them open. And what I mean is putting the ball where they can get it and no one else can get it, and they use the size and length, and the ball skills to adjust – it’s a combination of Trask and him [Pitts]. But he is such a unique talent because of his verticality, his versatility to move in and out. Our tight ends really run well – this guy runs like a wideout.”

Eventually in the session, questions took a turn back towards the Aggies and the progress made by the team throughout the first couple of games.

Question: “Are you about where you thought you would be in year three?”

Jimbo Fisher: “At the end of three years, we’ll look and see where we are in our evaluations of what we need to do. We still feel like we have a great recruiting class coming in, and what we’re doing now, we love our young players, the older players have gotten better and what we’ve done. So, we feel in the progress – until you win them all; you’re never satisfied – until you win every one of them. And I know that as a coach, I mean, even the great runs we had at Florida State – I remember being – we won 29 in a row, and I’m not saying – I was still not happy.”

With much to say, Fisher discussed much more areas of conversation revolving around injuries to Erick Young and Grayson Reed, quarterback Kellen Mond and more.


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