Todd Gurley talks Georgia Football, Atlanta Hip Hop, Sony Michel & College Football Transfer Rule

February 3, 2019 1:37 PM
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Former Georgia Running back Todd Gurley is back in his old stomping grounds of Atlanta, this week as he and the Los Angeles Rams are preparing to take on the New England Patriots.

This is the season time these two teams will face each other in the Super Bowl. If you don’t remember that last time it happened, it was in 2001 and the term Spygate was born.  As the Patriots secretly filmed the St. Louis Rams practice. The Patriots would go on to win their first meeting by an Adam Vinatieri field goal.

During his media scrum, Gurley discussed Georgia football, stating that is the greatest college in America. Georgia is something that Gurley holds close to his heart as he is always wearing his Georgia bracelets on his wrist 365 days of the year.

Gurley is also a hip hop head; he enjoys listening to all types of hip hop music and course he has to show love to the Atlanta artists Future, Migos, Young Thug, Waka Flocka to name a few. Apart from taking musc, Todd Gurley added that he possibly would like to visit Australia this summer during the offseason.

Gurley shared that even though Coach Kirby of Georgia study under Nick Saban, he wants to carve out his own legacy with his new coaching staff at Georgia. He even touched briefly on the College Football Transfer Rule it is something he likes, but he is not fully educated in all it entails.  Todd Gurley would end his presser by stating he hasn’t talked to Sony Michel nor seen him because he is “trying to beat him to win a Super Bowl,” said Gurley.

It will be interesting to see which former Georgia running back will have the better day in Super Bowl LIII.


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