Alex Bregman’s Mustache Blasts Off During Game

June 28, 2018 6:28 AM
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Alex Bregman Shaves Mustache after Monster Inning for Astros

Alex Bregman and the Houston Astros have had another astronomic season in 2018. The Astros have won 15 of their last 17 behind great starting pitching and timely hitting. The Kansas City Royals have been just as cold as the Astros hot. Going 3-18 in the month of June, the Royals are wishing they could have a mustache or two to shave.

During the second inning the Houston Astros scored eight runs in the bottom of the second inning including a bases loaded walk by Alex Bregman. The inning included a grand slam but that was soon overshadowed by an unexpected turn of events. In the 4th inning, Bregman comes to the plate with a 9-2 lead. Most people watching at home probably changed the channel before his at bat due to the score on a lazy Sunday. Those faithful few who kept watching were rewarded with an upper lipped surprise when the TV crew noticed something missing from Bregman’s face.

Alex Bregman came to the plate cleanly shaven in his third plate appearance in the game. All week Bregman has been seen with a out of this world mustache that seemed to be giving the Astros good luck. However, during the Astros at-bat in the 3rd inning, Bregman disappeared to the clubhouse bathroom. When Alex reappeared, his face had what some may call a NASA approved aerodynamic upper lip. The Astros were not phased by the lack of facial hair and went on to beat the Royals 11-3.

After the game Bregman was pretended the subtraction of his lower brow meant nothing. We all know it is his way to start his next hitting streak. All eyes will be on Bregman’s face during their series against the Blue Jays.

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