Ian Anderson & Travis d’Arnaud on “65 Year Old Maturity”, 5 No-Hit Innings in WS, Love for Atlanta

October 31, 2021 7:10 AM
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Ian Anderson and Travis d’Arnaud shared their thoughts on their Game 3 victory. They put up a dominant performance to take a 2-1 lead in the 2021 World Series.

When asked how his pitching staff was able to keep the Astros’ hitters off-balance, Travis d’Arnaud responded with: “My pitching staff is full of studs.” He was behind the plate for Ian Anderson’s 5 innings of no-hit pitching. Anderson had possibly the best outing of his career, but he also understood the bigger picture.

Anderson was completely fine with giving the ball up even though he had not allowed a hit. He knew what was coming when manager Brian Snitker approached him in the dugout. Anderson credited the strong bullpen with making it easier to turn the game over to them. His maturity was brought up routinely throughout this press conference. “Like a 65-year-old” is how one person even described him. He credited his parents with raising him that way and thinks of himself as an “old soul”.

The battery mates have shared memorable post-season appearances in just a short period of time. Anderson attributed his low ERA in the post season to Travis d’Arnaud being behind the dish for every appearance. As much as d’Arnaud would have loved to catch a no-hitter, he also understood their only goal was to win the game.

Game day wasn’t all business for d’Arnaud though. When asked about his game-day routine, d’Arnaud shared that he had an assortment of donuts with his family. Maybe all that sugar gave him the jolt of energy he needed to provide the Braves’ with an insurance run late in the game. The catcher goes right back to work tonight looking to provide more energy.

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