Drew Smyly on Pitching Deeper Into Games, Rangers Bullpen & Rotation Depth

April 13, 2019 12:47 AM
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Rangers’ starter Drew Smyly caught up with Fanatics View and media following his outing against the Athletics.

“That’s not good enough”, Smyly told the media in reflection of his outing. “I gotta throw it over the plate”, “especially when i have a 6-1 lead” he added.

Consequently, Smyly was asked if he had run out of gas during his 6th inning. “Maybe a little” he responded, “its been a while since I’ve pitched in the 6th inning”.

“It was definitely a big step forward for me”, Smyly told the media on pitching deeper into ballgames. “Good pitchers close the door”, and “i let it slip”, Smyly voiced on his 6th inning troubles.

In addition, Smyly was asked about the team’s starting rotation and bullpen improvements. “It’s only going to get better”, Smyly responded. “Minor and Lynn have been dealing”, “I know me and Shelby are going to get better with each start – Going forward, I think we’ll continue to improve collectively”, Smyly finished.

Regardless of his 6th inning struggles, Smyly is optimistic about the future success of the Rangers’ pitching staff and their ability to close out and win tight games.

What do you think of the Rangers’ pitching staff so far? Let us know in the comments!

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