Mike Trout breaks down Speaking on Tyler Skaggs Passing (EMOTIONAL WARNING)

July 8, 2019 4:36 AM
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Angels star Mike Trout broke down in tears speaking on the passing of fellow teammate Tyler Skaggs.

“I can’t explain it man, lost a teammate, lost a friend, lost a brother – I just gotta get through it.”

Trout held back tears recounting his relationship with Tyler and his family.

“Skaggs was an unbelievable person – he was a husband, Carli, what a sweet girl; Debbie, his mom – great relationship with them. It’s just a tough 24 hours, it was tough playing out there today.

In addition, Trout spoke on Skaggs’ energy that he brought to the clubhouse.

“Skaggs wouldn’t want us to take another day off. Every day you saw him, he was picking you up. The rest of the season, the rest of our lives, it’s going to be tough. I see these guys more than my family, and to lose someone like him, it’s tough.”

“All i do is think about him. My first at-bat, walking around the hotel – it’s just a different feeling. It’s bigger than the game, the friendship and love I had for him and his family, it’s more than that”, he finished.

The Angels, and all of baseball, morn the tragic passing of Tyler Skaggs, just 27 years old.

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