James Johnson Reacts to Dallas Mavs Struggles: “There’s No Excuses. We’re All Professionals”

February 2, 2021 5:07 AM
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James Johnson spoke to media following rough consecutive losses for the Mavs.

“I wish we had time to be frustrated”, Johnson said on the Mavs’ 8-12 record thus far. “We have another one tomorrow, we gotta pick it up and forget about this one. It’s not one of those things where you can just forget. This league is moving fast and games are moving fast, we just gotta come with it”, he finished.

“We just gotta be real with ourselves”, Johnson said on holding eachother accountable defensively. “Sometimes you dont hold yourself accountable. Sometimes teammates don’t hold you accountable, and we can’t have that.”

In addition, Johnson spoke on moving forward from the Mavs’ rough start and continuing to play hard. “That’s all character. I think every guy on this team has high character. Everyone’s competitve and they want to win. We didn’t execute like we wanted to and didn’t play as physical as we wanted to, but that don’t stop the game. There’s still more game to play and I don’t think anybody on our team is in the being embarassed business.”

Finishing the interview, Johnson spoke on the struggles of building team chemistry during the current pandemic. “It’s harder to get the chemistry rolling. You don’t get to go to eachother’s room, you don’t get to go hand out at team dinners. There’s no excuses. We’re all professionals and we gotta do our job”, he finished.

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