Maxi Kleber Reacts to Stephen Curry vs. Luka Doncic Battle in Dallas & Recovering from Quarantine

March 2, 2021 8:08 AM
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Mavericks’ Maxi Kleber spoke to media following win over Golden State Warriors.

Kleber spoke on his return to the Mavs after a healthy recovery from Covid-19.

“At first, you know being sick at home is not fun, especially when your guys are playing. Coming back from that, when you were sitting at home for like more than 20 days it really hurts like the first couple of practices and the games. You’re legs are heavy, you feel slow, I still feel slow. I hope me and all the other guys who had to sit out that long get back in shape and get to moving again.”

Kleber also spoke on Luka’s confidence playing against Steph Curry and the Warriors.

“Every game that he goes into, everybody’s trying to attack him, go against him. Their defense is always gonna double team on him. He’s trying to find solutions to score and get everybody else involved and trying to have the best game he can have. Games like today when you play against one the best in the world obviously that’s a little push for him too. Luka in general is a guy who always wants to win and he takes everything very personal. I think he doesn’t need the extra motivation, but obviously it doesn’t hurt if you have a guy who can go off like that and have him like answer everytime he comes down basically.”

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