Rick Carlisle talks Possible NBA Expansions Teams, Seattle, Difficulty of Western Conference Again

March 8, 2021 3:57 AM
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Watch as Mavs coach Rick Carlisle speaks to media following loss to Phoenix Suns.

Carlisle spoke on the possibility of having 15 players active at one time in the possible future.

“As coaches, we’ve been talking to league about having 15 guys active for a long time. It’s hard telling guys that they’re gonna be inactive. I think that’s a great thing. It’s unlikely we use all 15 guys, but having them in uniform and available I think is meaningful. That’s a positive thing, and the hope really across the entire group of coaches is that would continue beyond this unique season.”

Carlisle also spoke on the increased talent of the Western Conference this season.

“We have high standards as an organization. We did some good things last year. This year’s gonna be harder, teams are better. Golden State’s got a lot of their team back, a lot of other teams in the West have gotten better. It looks like the Lakers have gotten better, looks like the Clippers have strengthened their team.

“The defense is not where we want it to be”, Carlisle said on the Mavericks. “Clearly I mean we’re given up 114 points per game. We didn’t do a good enough job in transition with points in the paint. We’ve made more of an emphasis on it the last few days, but we’re gonna have to stay on top of that.”

Finishing the interview, Carlisle spoke on possible NBA expansion teams.

“The NBA is the smartest league on this planet”, Carlisle said. “They know the right time to expand and the right time to stay where we are. Look, I know there would probably be some other cities in the conversaton as well.”

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