Josh Richardson talks Comfort Level With Dallas Mavs, Guarding JA Morant & Mavs Confidence in Him

March 8, 2021 7:48 AM
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Mavs Josh Richardson spoke to media following win against the Grizzlies.

Richardson spoke on the Mavs defensive success and getting the win against Memphis.

“I think when we get the ball out and just moving quicker, I think you know it kind of fits me better and I can play more aggressive. I know it’s not always gonna go that way, so I’m just glad we came out with a win”, he finished.

Richardson also discussed getting back on the court following the harsh winter storm that swept across the states.

“Throughout the whole storm, throughout everything, we were really just trying to make sure all our families were good first of all. I think the team, the organization did a good job of taking care of us and making sure everything was smooth. On the court, we were really going at eachother a lot, and I think that really helped us.”

In addition, Richardson spoke on his comfort level so far in the season with the Mavs.

“I’m a lot more comfortable. I think we’re kinda starting to figure eachother out though. The teams starting to figure out what I do on offense, and I’m just trying to figure out where to fit that in. Even going forward, everything starts on the defensive end. Just trying to get the energy high down there and when we’re playing on fast breaks and everything like that. When the balls moving fast, I think we’re pretty hard to stop.”

Finishing the interview, Richardson discussed guarding JA Morant and getting the win.

“Ja’s [Morant] a good player. With a guy like that you always gotta be locked in because he’s always down field, always trying to make plays. I was just trying to make it tough on him, keep a body on him, and use my height. I think he plays well in the paint, so just trying to make all shots in there tough. They did a good job getting switches down the stretch, and getting different matchups, but we were still able contain them at the end of the game.”

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