Terry Stotts on Luka Doncic vs. Portland: “That’s Why He’s an MVP Candidate. He’s That Good”

March 23, 2021 4:01 AM
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Watch as Portland Trail Blazers head coach Terry Stotts speaks on upset against Dallas Mavericks.

Stotts gave his thoughts on the loss against Dallas.

“It is good that we got 3 good wins going into this. The two wins against New Orleans, we played really good basketball. We played good basketball against Dallas in game 1, obviously this was not the case tonight. We got the season series tiebreak, so that is a positive”, he finished.

“It was not our night in the third quarter. I really can’t even characterize it. 19-0 kind of speaks for it self, kind of characterizes it, that sums it up.”

Stotts also shared his frustration with foul call in the 4th quarter.

“I didn’t think it was a foul, and those guys on the court deserve the same respect as anybody else. Regardless of score, regardless of what it is. I didn’t think Harry [Giles] fouled him, and he has the right like anybody else…” “Those guys out there busting their a** in the 4th quarter down 30, they deserve as much respect as anybody else.”

Finishing the interview, Stotts spoke on Luka’s dominance on the court and Blazers’ defense.

“It’s a tough call”, he said. “We did a good job in our first game switching with him, and he took advantages of those matchups inside in the first half. Obviously he got in a rhythm shooting the ball, we started blitzing him and he found shooters and they made those shots. He’s such a good passer. He can get into the paint and he can get hot from three like he was tonight. That’s why he was a MVP candidate last year and might be a candidate this year. He’s just that good”, he finished.

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