Rodney Anderson on OU’s Running Back Core and Off-season Training

August 20, 2018 8:54 PM
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Oklahoma Sooner running back Rodney Anderson speaks on running back core and training during the off season.

The starting running back for the Oklahoma Sooners last season, Rodney Anderson, said he is very confident in everyone who plays running back for the sooner.

“We have a room full of great athletes in the running back room,” the junior running back said. “Whether it’s T.J., Kennedy, Marcelias, Trey, me, it doesn’t matter, you know. Whoever is back there, I got faith in them.”

Anderson and sophomore running back Trey Sermon were the two featured backs for the Sooners last season. The playing style of Sermon and Anderson are not identical, but they are similar, which makes the defense play honest. Anderson said that him and Sermon “complement each other very well.”

For the upcoming season, the athletes must train and their training dynamic has changed this season with the new hire of Bennie Wylie, strength and conditioning coach. One of the unique styles that Wylie uses is he there doing the same workout with you.

“Bennie is outstanding,” Anderson said. “You know, he does workout next to us and that shows a lot that he believes in what hes doing enough to put himself through it. And so, you know, I fell like he has done a great job of getting in shape, getting us strong and getting us ready for the season.”

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