Michael Irvin Hilariously Crashes Hall of Fame Shoot

August 13, 2018 2:46 AM
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Hall of Famer Michael Irvin arrives late to photo shoot.

Before the Hall of Fame enshrinement ceremony, Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin arrived late to a group photo with the current and incoming Hall of Famers.

While those with the gold jackets, who are already cemented in the Hall of Fame, sat and smiled with for the camera with the incoming Hall of Famers like Randy Moss, Ray Lewis and others. Irvin can later be seen running to the front to put the shoot on on hold. Irvin turns toward the camera and holds his right hand up, signaling to the photographer to wait.

As the Dallas legend’s fellow members laughter continues, Irvin begins to put on his gold jacket and move to his spot, so that the photo shoot can be complete. The announcer even acknowledges his lateness by saying “thank you for joining, Michael.”

The photo shoot resumes with the announcer saying “Instant replay. Let’s do this one more time.”

Video: Fanatics View

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