George Rincon Reacts to Dallas Boxing Talent on the Rise & Moving to 11-0 in Pro Boxing

April 1, 2021 6:44 AM
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Dallas boxer George Rincon reacts to winning 10th pro fight against Luis Solis.

Rincon’s 10th professional boxing win gave promise to talent coming out of Dallas.

“It feels great you know. It always feels good to fight, especially that we all come out from the same gym. We’re all from Dallas area, but we’re training at the same gym, so that’s a big thing for us. To support and show out for Irving Powell, that’s our gym here in Dallas. It’s good to have those kind of people here fighting together, supporting eachother and cheering eachother on as we try to reach our goal.”

Rincon expressed the talent and potential going forward for his guys.

“We knew we had this talent growing up in the amateurs, and to be able to show all this talent at this level, and together, is a great feeling man. It’s only gonna get better from here.”

Mexican boxer Luis Solis put up a solid fight, losing by unanimous decision.

“I wasn’t disappointed that I didn’t stop him, just disappointed on a certain things that I could have done better. We knew the height and the long range, those kind of weird punches were coming. You know, it’s different once you get in there. For sure, we’re gonna go back and look at it and really fix it and capitalize on those things that we should have done better. It’s a good win for me. The guy had a lot of experience. I’m just gonna take that, enjoy this victory and move on from there.”

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