Laura Sanko Believes Khabib Nurmagomedov Will Return to the UFC at Some Point

April 1, 2021 6:45 AM
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Watch as ex-MMA star Laura Sanko speculates on a possible Khabib return from retirement.

Following Khabib’s official retirement in 2020, speculation continues for the 32 year old fighter’s return to the ring.

Former MMA fighter, Laura Sanko gave her thoughts on a possible McGregor return.

“Between him and Conor, I swear the toying with our emotions”, Sanko said. “I think he takes a different perspective than Conor does. Conor enjoys putting out completely false information just to play with us, play with the media. I think he has fun doing that.”

Sanko also shared her thoughts on Khabib and distrust of the media.

“I think Khabib is just a very principled individual who other people whether it’s Dana [White], or the media, or whoever, will take pieces of what they say and put that to the forefront. So I’m not trying to say that Khabib enjoys toying us the way the Conor does.”

Regardless of media, Sanko’s intuition tells her that Conor and Khabib will return to the ring once more.

I do think we’ll see him again, I do. I’m basing that on nothing other than just a gut reaction and maybe my own selfish desire to see him go for 30-you know, like was his fathers wish, against Conor, in a filled area. That is what I would like to see”, Sanko finished.

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