Ed Orgeron talks LSU Blowout Win vs. Georgia Southern & Excitment for LSU’s Offense

September 3, 2019 2:17 AM
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Head coach Ed Oregeron praises team as they steamroll at home. 

LSU headed into this season with a different identity– a revamped, high-flying offense. LSU came out and appereaded as if they had been running this new offense for months.  

The Tiger’s offense was potent from kick off. With more than three minutes left on the clock in the first quarter, LSU’s offense found the end zone three times: twice through the air and once on the ground, making the score 21-0. The Eagles’ defense looked helpless as Senior LSU quarterback Joe Burrows threw his second touchdown of the night to sophomore wide receiver Terrance Marshall Jr. 

The Tigers would continue to enforce their will in the second quarter and the Eagles’ defense looked powerless against this renewed offense.

Head coach Ed Oregeron said he was proud of the way the team played and credited some of the team’s success to the new “scheme.

 “I felt good the whole day,” he said. “I told the team ‘I know you are going to play great’. I told the coaches that. ‘I feel like we are going to play great’ and they did.”

The LSU quarterback has been criticized at times last year for his lackluster play. Burrows came into this season opener against the Eagles and snuffed out his critics with five touchdowns and 278 yards through the air, completing 85 percent of his passes. Burrow’s five touchdown passes tied the record for most touchdown passes by an LSU quarterback in a game; he tied it by the end of the second quarter. 

This new-look offense can be credited to not only Burrow’s hard work over the offseason, but the LSU Tigers going into the offseason with the mindset to revive and change the Tigers’ passing game by adding some new-age aspects to the offense. This change was headed by first-year passing coordinator Joe Brandy and offensive coordinator Steve Ensiminger. 

Burrows said they have “come out of the stone age” with the new offense, making them more dangerous and less predictable. 

LSU’s head coach said he’s “very pleased with our offense.” This new offense has a motto: “everybody eats.”

“We want to spread the ball around,” Oregeron said. “We have athletes and we want to give them the ball in space and let them make plays and that is what they did.” 

In an interview with the Advocate, Junior wide receiver Justin Jefferson said “it’s gonna be a passing year for us.” By half time, Jefferson had five catches for 87 yards and a touchdown. 

One of the more impressive things about the LSU’s offense tonight is not the most eye-grabbing facet of the team, but very necessary for success: the offensive line. Burrow and sophomore Myles Brennan was not sacked at all in the 39 pass plays tonight. Burrow even hinted that the line had made the most improvement over the offseason. 

Although the second half was not a reflection of the first, seeing as the Tigers took their foot off the gas, fans knew which team was riding high Brennan came in at quarterback for Burrow. 

LSU’s defense reciprocated the same level of dominance to Georgia Southern’s offense throughout the entirety of the game. The Eagles mustered up a field goal before half time, but could not find a way to move the ball effectively through the air or the ground. The Eagles’ offense accounted for a grand total of 59 yards at the half and 97 yards allowed in the entire game, which is a testament to LSU’s history of playing exceptional defense. 

The lone field goal by the Eagles would be the only one score for Georgia Southern and their triple-threat offense. 

“Just knowing your assigment,” Junior safety Grant Delpit said. “You know you have to get sidline to sideline like I did…. We excuted well.”

Georgia Southern head coach Chad Lunsford said “ran into a really good football team.”

This game displayed that the Tigers not only have the players to make explosive plays, but the play book and the quarterback. Now, it was against Georgia Southern, so we cannot say they will do it against the No.10 Texas Longhorns. If they can replicate what they did tonight in Austin, Texas then there is practically nobody in college football that can stop the Tigers.

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