Bruce Arians Details How Buccaneers Slowed Down Aaron Rodgers & Rob Gronkowski’s Road Back to NFL

October 20, 2020 3:17 AM
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With an impressive stifling of the red hot Green Bay Packers’ offensive, the Bruce Arians coached Buccaneers took a 38-10 win to bed with them Sunday afternoon.

28 of their 38 points came in the second quarter including one clear, and one near pick-six. As hard as it is to understand, the bigger story is how the Buccaneers’ defense held the Packers to only 10 first quarter points and zilch for the rest of the game.

Coach Arians was asked about the play of the defense and their ability to limit the Packers’ offense.

“I think the big turnaround – obviously, they came out to a pretty big start and we kind of hung in there – then, [Jamel] Dean made his play. That kind of changed the whole momentum – I thought – in the whole stadium. Coming right back with another [interception], knock it in [and] get the lead. I thought our offense [and] as a team, I don’t think we had any penalties. I don’t think we had any sacks and didn’t have any turnovers. We’re going to be hard to beat [when we do that]. We kind of set a new standard for ourselves in that regard against a quality opponent. We were just able to get after Aaron [Rodgers]. Once we got the running game shut down, it was just a matter of getting after him. Todd [Bowles] did a great job with multiple looks and coverages.”

The final touchdown of that second quarter outburst was un-retired tight end Rob Gronkowski (also his first touchdown of the season). Arians gave praise to Gronk’s ability to return to football playing condition.

“It’s speaks volumes for him. He’s playing with a bum shoulder, so the blocking [and] the receiving – he’s just one of the best all-around tight ends to ever play the game. He’s in good football shape right now, we just have to continue to watch his snap count.”

The game presented much more to talk about with such a lopsided victory instead of what many thought would be a shootout between two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks. Some focus was on how the offense was able to keep the Green Bay defense from infiltrating the pocket. Some was on the discipline of the Buccaneers’ 11-man field presence and how they did not commit a single penalty throughout the whole game.


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