Travis Kelce Reacts to Chiefs Super Bowl LV Loss Penalties: “Just Be Better. No Excuses”

February 12, 2021 8:34 AM
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Watch as Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce speaks on tough loss to Buccs in Super Bowl LV.

Kelce spoke on the Chiefs struggles to score during the big game.

“We gotta be better in the redzone, 3 points isn’t gonna do it. Early on, they were putting up touchdowns and we were putting up field goals. What that did was put their defense in the opportunity to play a little deeper and work the ball down field. From that point, it was just a lot of mistakes. You can’t win the ball game with turnovers, you can’t win the ballgames with penalties. Sure enough, we didn’t execute in any of those areas.

In addition, Kelce spoke on QB Mahomes scrambling to get passes off for most of the game.

“Well first things first, I gotta be able to get open so he’s not flying around that like. On top of that, just being there for him when he does get out of the pocket. I feel like he’s had a magic Mahomes kind of creativity when he does get out of the pocket. It’s not like you’re mad at him for doing it but it’s kinda just how the game went. It’s not what we want to do as an offense, but at the same time guys were out there just trying to make plays.”

Kelce also discussed the Buccs incredible defensive gameplan that limited the Chiefs offensively.

“I feel like they made us dink and dunk, take what was there. They put a cap over top and didn’t let us get behind the defense knowing how much speed we have. Sure enough, that made us try to run the ball a little better, but their front 7 in 2nd to none in the league. It was frustrating. It was one of those days where it just felt like anything you did they had an answer for.”

“There’s nothing I can put my finger on”, Kelce said on the Chiefs offensive performance. “We were a tick off. Sure enough, putting up only 6 points in the first quarter, leaving points on the board. On top of that, dropped balls. There was a huge dropped pass which then set up the punt that we got a penalty on, and then there was a shanked punt and then they just went up 21-6. At that point a lot of momentum was on their said, and you know, tough sledding from there.”

Finishing the interview, Kelce showed his frustration on the Super Bowl loss.

“I’m not gonna get into the penalties. You gotta play by the rules, and be better. No excuses.”

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