Jack Campbell Emotional Reaction After Leafs Lose Game 7 vs. Montreal: “It’s Unnacceptable…….”

June 4, 2021 6:14 AM
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Watch as Leafs’ goalie Jack Campbell reacts to heartbreaking game 7 loss to Canadiens.

Toronto failed to secure the game 7 win against Montreal, extending their Stanley Cup drought to an astonishing 54 years.

“It’s just tough”, Campbell told media. “I just think of how hard our team battled, and for it to end on a goal, worst goal of my career in game 7, it’s not acceptable. I think the team counts on me to be better, and I can be a lot better than that. I’m gonna get back to work and be better”, he finished.

Campbell voiced his frustration on Brendan Gallagher’s scorebreaking 2nd period goal.

“He pulled and dragged it, and It kinda fooled me. It’s a straight on shot in the NHL, it should be an automatic save. No excuses, unacceptable, and I just feel bad the guys worked so hard, and that’s what happened tonight.”

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