Elvis Andrus on Vlad Guerrero Jr. Hype & Watching Vlad When He Was Only 11 in Texas!

May 4, 2019 3:33 AM
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In an interview with Fanatics View, Rangers’ star Elvis Andrus discusses Vlad Guerrero Jr.’s recent hype and his legacy after call-up.

Elvis played alongside Vlad Jr.’s dad in 2010 with the Rangers, and reminisced on watching him as a young kid in Arlington. 

“I met him when he was 11 – now i see him here in the big leagues”, he told Fanatics View. “He’s pretty amazing, When he was 11 you could see the desire in his eyes, he wanted to be better than his dad, I think that is still his mentality” and “I hope he stays healthy” Andrus finished.

In addition, Andrus spoke on the hype Vlad Jr. has generated through the minors leading to his MLB debut.

“He’s probably the last guy to have that hype”, Andrus said in referencing Bryce Harper’s hyped debut in 2012.

“This kid’s going to be special”, he said. “When he starts feeling comfortable he’s going to do some special things”, he finished.

What do you think of Vladimir Guerrero Jr.’s first week in the MLB? Let us know in the comments!

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