Garrett Richards Details Trying to Find Himself in Spring Camp & Trying to Maintain Consistency

March 22, 2021 7:38 AM
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Red Sox pitcher Garrett Richards spoke to media following spring training outing.

Richards spoke on his pitching performance and improving his mechanics on the mound.

“Obviously the results weren’t what we wanted them to be. Worked out of some jams today, had some weak contact that ending up falling. Had some first pitch hits I gave up, you know that’s baseball. I’m healthy, moving in the right direction. Continuing to get my timing with my lower half and my upper half kind of synched up, that’s been kind of the issue so far. Then worrying about my front side not clearing out too early. It’s just all mechanical stuff so far”, he finished.

In addition, Richards spoke on the importance of slowing down pitchers in spring training.

“Everybody’s throwing harder these days. And throwing a baseball’s not physically proper for the human body. Everybody’s trying to do whatever they can to stay healthy. You can’t help the team if you’re not on the field. I know that pretty well. Nobody wins a championship by getting hurt, everybody’s gotta stay healthy for the whole season.

Richards also detailed keeping consistency within his mechanics on the mound.

“I throw across my body, I kinda got a lot going on when I throw a baseball. So I have 2 or 3 things I have in my brain that are kind of checkpoints throughout my delivery that I try to stay as consistent as possible. Right now, I’m doing it every once in a while but I’m not doing it as much as I’d like. It’s just about the reps, It’s just about keeping the brain connecting with the body. Just trying to get back on track man, it’s baseball”, he finished.

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