Josh Donaldson Details His Return from Injury & His Love for Baseball 1-on-1 Pitcher Battles

April 28, 2021 4:46 AM
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Watch as Josh Donaldson speaks to media following activation from injured list.

Following some hamstring issues, Donaldson was finally able to get back on the diamond for the Twins. Donaldson got the start in 7-1 win in doubleheader against the Red Sox.

“I can’t worry about that”, Donaldson said on future hamstring problems. “I’m trying to prepare myself and put myself in the best position possible to go out there and help our team win. I can’t go up there and worry about it if I’m going to get injured or not. If it happens, so be it”, he finished

Donaldson reviewed his first game back and getting back to elite form at the plate.

“Today I felt like I saw the ball pretty well. Was able to get on base a couple times for us, score a run. That’s kind of part of my game, and then whenever I get dialed in, hopefully start driving some balls out as well.”

Donaldson also expressed his love for baseball and excitement for returning.

“It’s what I love so much about the game, you’re playing that 1 on 1 battle with the pitcher and the hitter.”

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