Chandler Parsons on Trae Young’s Potential, Joining ATL Hawks & Atlanta’s Young Core

October 4, 2019 3:38 AM
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Chandler Parsons spoke to Fanatics View on his recent trade to Atlanta.

Parsons talked a little about how he had found out that his trade to the Hawks was official.

“My agent told me, and I knew Atlanta was a possibility all during last season. But yeah, they were the ones that officially let me know it was going to happen. Then, one of the front office guys from Memphis called me and told me it was gonna be official”, he finished.

In addition, Parsons spoke to Fanatics View on what a healthy season for the small forward could mean for the Hawks.

“If you look at the roster here, they got an unbelievable young core that can already do some special things. Just being that veteran leader, here to answer any questions they got. Like i said, lead by example and show them how to last in this league and have some success. Obviously i can play the game of basketball at a high level when I’m healthy. I”m excited to get out on the floor with them.”

Parsons also spoke on his excitement joining the Hawk’s “Young core”.

“Obviously with Lloyd Pierce as a young head coach, and our young core, it’s exciting. It almost feels like we’re on a AAU team here – it’s just a bunch of kids who are just hoopin’. I think we have one of the best young cores out there – I’d put them up against anybody. If you look at the 5-7 youngest guys on the team, if they can find a way to keep them together for a long time, they’re gonna be really good.”

Finishing the interview, Parsons had a lot to say about Trae Young’s potential.

“Multi All-Star”, Parsons said. “Just from seeing him last year and this summer, he’s got an unbelievable ability to find the open man and make crazy passes. Once he really finds how to play at his tempo, hes going to be unbelievable”, he finished.

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