James Johnson Reacts to Dallas Mavericks Trading Him, Excitement to Work With Zion & Brandon Ingram

April 7, 2021 6:42 AM
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Former Maverick James Johnson speaks on his trade from Dallas to New Orleans.

Johnson expressed his contentment with the trade and exciting future with Pelicans.

“It’s always shocking when you’re getting traded during that time. Everyone understands the business aspect of this aspect of our game that we love. I was excited. To go from playing with Luka [Donic] and KP [Kristaps Porzingis], to playing with Zion [Williamson] and BI [Brandon Ingram] now, couldn’t ask for a better situation.”

Johnson also shared his mindset assimilating into a new team.

“I know that I’ve played against them a couple of times you know, solid team. Like I said, I was just looking forward to getting here. I understand this business and you just don’t ever get too tied up into one organization or anything like that. You play as hard as you can, and hopefully what you can do fits into this game. I wouldn’t call my role anything other than a basketball player.”

“The first time It happened it was my second year with Chicago. I moved to a different country to Canada where I went go play with the Raptors. After that, I don’t think transitioning or getting traded or anything else is that mind boggling or that difficult to handle.”

In addition, Johnson shared his thoughts on his new coach, Stan Van Gundy.

“It’s been great. You know he’s a godfather of this game if you could say. [He’s] has a lot of knowledge of it. I’m happy that I get to be under his coaching staff and be able to learn whatever I can and take whatever what I can.

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